Serving A Hot Girl

Funny sketch from our friends down under. Before you get hot and bothered about the guys being portrayed this way, just be fine admitting that everyone gets weak-knees and stupefied...

Walking Away From An Explosion

This is one of those dorm room conversations that has been had over and over again. People don't really just turn their backs on something about to explode...

Hilarious Break-up Stories

This dude rolls thru a ton of break-up stories that were submitted to his channel in just a few minutes. These are bound to make you feel better if you...

Wet vs. Dry

Tell me you haven't had a conversation just like this. Seriously if you haven't had a conversation like this in the last 2 months, you need a new...

Wresting Moves At The Beach

Anybody who hears this ring-side announcement in their head can't resist the urge to kick a bro in the face. Check this out: when the beach is your spring mat... ...

When She Gets Wayyy To Into IT

How many of you guys know a girl like this? Can only be into it for so much crazy. How long would you pretend to be into something that...

WWE Moves In The Pool

Every bro has had a fight like this. The sweet sounds of ringside announcing play in your head the entire time that your exquisite choreography culminates in a...

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This is a really funny concept

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If you're gonna lose a fantasy football league... at least give some context as to what the hell you're doing. Geez...

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