10 Funniest Larry King Moments From His 300 Year Career

by Staff Writer
Good Times With The King

Narrowing the centuries-long career of Larry King down to its funniest moments is no small task, but we here at Men’s Humor did a flawless job. Seriously, don’t bother looking to anyone else, it’s all right here, baby.

10. Larry King Reads The Bible On The Simpsons

Nearly 30 years ago, the unmistakeable soothing rumble of Larry King’s voice lulls Homer to sleep while reading the Bible. Did The Simpsons predict ASMR?

9. Prison Hardened Paris Hilton

As hard as she tries, Larry King doesn’t seem to be buying her account of how difficult her short stint in the clink was. She even made it out without a single neck tattoo. Poser!

8. Danny Pudi Reminds Larry King He’s On Effing DuckTales

Larry was a shooter, and if his sprawling list of ex-spouses is any indication, he shot a lot. That’s why it’s no surprise he’s less than impressed by what Danny Pudi considers luxuries in life. If it ain’t private jets stocked with women and dry-aged filet mignon, then it’s just every day shit to Larry.

7. Don Rickles Brings Larry King To Tears

We’re pretty used to seeing dead-pan Larry, but occasionally he could be cracked. Here at the ripe young age of 97, he’s reduced to cry-laughing by comedy legend Don Rickles. Don has Larry down on the mat, and despite the refs best effort to intervene, he keeps punching. “What a cheap show, can’t even get the host to show up.” Very good times.

6. Larry Acts Like Seinfeld Not A Big Deal

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the classic sitcom Seinfeld was a big ass deal, and continues to be. It may have originally aired some time ago, but quick research on how much fat cash it has generated is proof enough it hasn’t gone quietly. When Larry asks if one of the most popular shows of all time was cancelled, Jerry seems to have a “do you even know who I am?” moment.

5. Larry As The Robot On Craig Ferguson

Larry may have been the king, but he was also a good sport on other shows. Here he absolutely murders his bit taking over the role of Craig Furgeson’s weird robot sidekick for a night.

4. Larry Takes A Personal Call On Rubin Report

Speaking of other shows, sometimes Larry was a bad sport, but in the best way. We’re big fans of king shit around here, and this is nothing short of a masterclass. Larry gets a call while being interviewed by Dave Rubin- did one of his 7 wives fall down a well? Nope, it’s about as casual as you could imagine, but Larry dare not be rude to his friend and spends 4 minutes on his phone during a live show. Absolute legend.

3. Snoop Dogg Teaches Larry To Rap

With a hip-hop sensei D-O-Double-G as his guide, and already a man with a command on words, you know Larry would be spitting bars in no time. Roll one up, get it burning and kick it to this jam.

2. Larry Dealing With Eric Andre

If you know even a tiny bit about Eric Andre, you know his whole schtick is being batshit insane. Larry is too good at his job to fathom Eric’s desire to be the world’s worst talk show host, but admits he’s very good at it. So when the best meets the worst, you know you’re in for a hell of a time.

1. Larry Wants To Know How DJ Khalid Got Fat

Larry often got straight to the point. He seems very bored by DJ Khaled amping himself up. He just wants to know how he got to be such a big-big boy. Did he breastfeed until he was 16? 25 bowls of oatmeal a day? Brontosaurus ribs? Who is going to ask these questions now that Larry is gone?

Larry will be missed. Even though, along with many others, we thought he was already dead.