12 Times People Humiliated Themselves Because They Had NO IDEA Who They Were Talking To

by Tim K

We’ve all been there. We think we’re making a great point — the best point to ever be made, even — only to realize afterward that we were talking to a literal expert on the matter. Is it a good feeling? Absolutely not. Does it feel good to watch other people do it? You better believe it!

Sit Back And Enjoy The Fact That These People Are Not You!


Twitter User Tells Woman With PHD In Astrophysics That She Needs To Learn Some Science

Damn!!! Sit the fuck down!


Stupid Hipster Chick

Yeah… maybe some people shouldn’t be allowed to be online….


Harry Potter Fan Reveals Snape's True Motivation To... JK Rowling

She would probably know best!


What's Tony Hawk Up To These Days?


Marvel Talent Scout Asks To See Aspiring Artists Work. Is Told To Go Away

This was the guy GIVING OUT THE JOBS… what a shame.


Footballer Jay Rodriguez's Dad Calls Out Twitter Rumours

Dads are always the best source!


Farmer Asked If He's Ever Worked On A Farm


A Player On The Dallas Cowboys Gets Called A Bandwagon Fan

C’mon, man, look at his little picture… You truly are his son now!


Official Lights Out Review


I Was There


Person Tells Editor Of National Review Online That He Needs To Try Reading Conservative News Sources

Ah, how good it feels to watch other people (NOT you) step in shit! Always a good reminder: stay on your toes out there.