16 SAVAGE Insults That’ll Inspire You To Step Up Your Insult Game

by Tim K

There’s no better feeling than landing the absolute perfect insult. The laughs. The praise. The knowledge that you’re living rent-free in your enemy’s head. But, while all dudes surely think they’re the King of the Burn, there’s always room to improve. Here are 16 SAVAGE insults that inspire you to step your own game up!

This man just put a whole damn state down the mat and out for the count! Respect!

Rare Insults

Ah, the classic, You-Be-Lookin’-Like insult. A burn as old as time as itself. And this particular call might be the best we’ve ever seen.

Rare Insults

All she needs is a tail! To play the dog! Or maybe a teal collar! Or, I don’t know, never mind my attempts to hop in the fun. This lady already knocked her insult out of the park, and we’re simply in awe.

On A Facebook Post About Lil Pump And Eminem

Another You-Be-Lookin’-Like, and a tremendous one at that. Bravo!

Dude Looks Bigger Than The Other Pic
Nature Documentarys Are Awesome
Kinda Reminds Me Of The Time In Gym.

Damn… It’s just so true… Get them some whistles… And shiny track pants…

Scary Movie 2
This Is The Guy Who Beat Pac-Man
King Bezos The Burned
I’m Not Sure If This An Insult Or Just An Extremely Accurate Description Of Adam Driver
On Today’s Episode Of The Ellen Show

Ellen taking TWO massive L’s home on this list! Sorry, Ellen! Maybe get your act together!

On Adam Levine's Tattoos


The Best One From This Thread
Also A Pretty Good Sitcom Idea

Yep, it’s official… we’ve been inspired to step up our insult game! Anyone else?