6 Best Movie Frats We Would Love To Guzzle Some Brews With

by Mad Dog

COLLEGE — College is the best time of your life. Beer. Chicks. Brats. Skipping class because you got lost in a sewer somewhere and can’t find your way out. The best. And nothing is better than joining a fraternity. Movies make fraternities seem awesome, but we’ve compiled the six best ones for you to check out below. Movie frats FTW!

6. The Korean Frat From Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle

Now, this clip isn’t the scene with the Korean fraternity, but it still rocks. Neil Patrick Harris is an absolute stud muffin in this movie and we laughed and laughed at his many jokes. This movie has too many goofs to even keep track of. Sorry if we’re a bit distracted… we just want to drink with these guys!

5. Lambda Lambda Lambda From Revenge Of The Nerds

One of the most iconic fraternity movies ever made. We would rank this one higher but there wasn’t enough nudity in the movie for our tastes. Male nudity. Female nudity. Non-binary nudity. We would take any of it. Just wanna see some skin, that’s all. Solid pick at number five though.

4. Delta Iota Kapus From Van Wilder

Van Wilder is a star making performance for Ryan Reynolds. You may know him now as Deadpool, but we at Men’s Humor really think about his epic run stuffing hot dogs with jizz to prank his rival fraternity. That’s just damn cruel. Damn cruel.

3. Lambda Epsilon Omega From Old School

You’re my boy, Blue! Enough said. If you don’t know what that means, you don’t deserve to read this list. That’s for damn sure, my man.

2. Delta Tau Chi From Animal House

Sure, this movie has got some pretty strange sex scenes, but it still is the best fraternity movie of all time. However, it still didn’t take the number one spot…

1. Delta Psi Beta From Neighbors

Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne. That’s the dream team if we’ve ever heard of one. These three had us howling in our feces-soiled pants every time they got up to more antics. This movie rocks.

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