9 Deleted Celeb Tweets That Will Make You Cringe HARD

by Mad Dog
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INTERNET—Sometimes celebrities go absolutely loco. Below, we have compiled a list of nine times that celebrities tweeted stuff that was insane before deleting them later. Some of these tweets will make you laugh, some will make you cry. Some of these deleted celeb tweets will make you want to rip your own face off. But we hope you survive long enough to read them all!

Check Out These Deleted Celeb Tweets Below!

9. Tyra Banks Letting It All Hang Out


Tyra! That is way too much information! Keep it to yourself, please. We do not want to know anything about your bra jail.

8. Rihanna Trying To Start That Drama


7. Hailey Baldwin Doesn’t Realize She’s Going To Marry Justin Bieber


Well, this is awkward. Clearly Hailey didn’t know the future, but she tweeted about how amazing this couple was. Little did she know she’d be married to Justin Bieber just years later!

6. Jessica Simpson Sees Some Nuts


Come on! When you’re at the gym, don’t show your nards off to Jessica Simpson. That’s just not cool. Do better fellas, for real.

5. Joel Olsteen Talks About Masturbation By Mistake


Joel, we know you didn’t mean to talk about masturbation. But boy, it sure does sound like you were talking about masturbation. Man oh man. This is just wrong. Straight up WRONG.

4. Kim Kardashian Goes Straight Up Comedy Mode


Very good joke, Kim. Very, very, good. We’re laughing so hard over here. NOT! Do better, please.

3. Kevin Hart Admits He Drunk As Hell


Kevin don’t implicate yourself, man! You’re giving the police fodder to do some bad stuff! Stay safe out there homie. We loved Get Hard!

2. 50 Cent, Why???


No comment on this one…

1. Martha Stewart Has One Word For You


Oil. Oil. Oil.

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