9 Tiny-Itty-Bitty-Baby-Ass Movie Details You Never Noticed (But Will Blow Your Mind)

by Tim K

Movies sure are wild. They’re so cool, and they often stay insanely cool for hundreds of years after they’re made. But, believe it or not, for as rad as films can be, sometimes they’re actually even COOLER than you thought. How is this possible? It’s all thanks to a little thing called MOVIE DETAILS. Those small, tiny, itty-bitty-ass nuggets of awesomeness that are hard to pick up on at first glance… but are INDEED there.

Check Out The Awesome Itty-Bitty-Baby-Small Movie Details Below (And Have Your Brain Sawed In Half!)

So sick. Here’s to hoping we get even more movie facts sooner than later! Thank you. Goodbye.

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