Adam Sandler Made His Epic SNL Debut 30 Years Ago Today!

by Mad Dog
adam sandler

NEW YORK— Live from New York, it is Adam Sandler’s anniversary. Specifically, the 30 year anniversary of his Saturday Night Live debut. Check it out below. The Sandman was rocking and rolling all night long.

Crazy newspaper man! Now that was a sketch.

How Did This Happen?

Adam Sandler was a stand up comedian for years in New York City before being scooped up into the frail bone-less arms of Lorne Michaels. Here’s some of Sandler’s standup before he became 30 Rockefeller Center’s hottest draw.

“I’ve been dating an anorexic girl, I’m seeing less and less of her.” Now that’s fucking classic.

Sandler recalled during a 2015 interview with Howard Stern, “Me and Chris Rock auditioned for the cast. Rock got on immediately, Lorne loved him, but Lorne — I had some interesting jokes, so he wanted me to be a writer on the show.”

What’s Our Favorite Adam Sandler Role?

There’s only one correct answer here. You already know what it is.

Jack and Jill, let’s fucking go!

And as always, let’s get this bread. Keep on grinding y’all. The money never sleeps and neither do we.

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