Apparently This Is NOT A Young Steve Buscemi And Twitter’s Brain Has Snapped

by Tim K

This is some shit you’re gonna have to see to believe: Photos of a young Steve Buscemi at a movie premiere have surfaced online, but apparently, somehow, some way, the guy in the photo is NOT Steve Buscemi.

Apparently NOT Steve Buscemi, below!

Courtesy of @ethanves on Twitter

Um… But it looks like him!

How It All Started:

@ethanves took to Twitter to share some awesome old photos showing what he believed to be a young, tan, handsome-ish Steve Buscemi walking the red carpet.

Therefore, lookin’ good, Steve!

However, somehow, that’s NOT him.

@filmklub came in hot with the major correction, saying that the photo actually features actor Donovan Leitch.

And that’s when Twitter’s brain SNAPPED in half.

Check Out Twitter’s Reaction To The Tan Lookalike:

In conclusion, this is wild. Absolutely wild!!! What do YOU think, Men’s Humorites? Do these dudes look similar? Is this one wild-as-shit fucking thing to think about?? Tell us! Comments! Hit us up, fam!

A fun fact to know about Steve Buscemi’s early life is that he was raised Catholic. So cool. Just a fun fact for you.

Alright. Thank you. Goodbye.

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