Bald Men, Unite! Today Belongs To Us! Let Us Cover Our Collective Shame PROUDLY For It Is #NationalHatDay!

by Tim K

Yes! Yes!!! Excellent!!! You read the headline, so you already know what the excitement’s all about: Today is apparently #NationalHatDay!

We’ve been waiting all year, Baldies, and now it is finally our time!

Here Are Some Tweets That Are Already Getting The Bald-Centric Party Started!

Yup, any species can join in on the fun. This dog is rocking a beanie and looking SO fine. Congrats, doggo. You have won the Internet this day! We tip our hat (national hat day) to you!

Markle wears hats. Markle’s hat is always tilted to the side. And guess what? Still counts for National Hat Day.

Swag. Simply swag!

Never seen whatever they are referencing here. Is it a movie? A screenshot from the Women’s PGA tour? No idea. Nonetheless, this lady is going HARD on National Hat Day with a top-hat. Epic work, m’lady!

American Hat Company exists? We guess so. They’re marketing department must’ve been counting the days until National Hat Day came around! It’s gotta be Christmas fuckin’ morning in their offices right now!

Rick Garrett’s hat is so sick. Go smash a like on his tweet! His hat deserves to go viral as hell!!!

Stan Lee isn’t even alive anymore and he is participating! What’s your excuse?!

Yes! Yes!!! Excellent!!!

#NationalHatDay #RULES!

So what are you waiting for, you Bald Men’s Humor Readers? Let’s see some pictures of you in a hat already! The best hat photo in the comments wins! The best photo wins!!