BATMAN NEWS: Here’s The Latest Clip Of Robert Pattinson As ‘The Batman’

by Gorman
pattinson batman

Extra! Extra! We’ve got more images of Robert Pattinson with half of his face covered! According to a story released by Heroic Hollywood, there are some new pics of Pattinson as the new Batman. Finally, they are primed and ready for us to sink our eyeballs into.

Batman aficionados and even layman fans will note that this new iteration of the masked crusader’s ensemble includes a white eyed cowl.

It’s pretty sick, not going to lie. Makes Pattinson look like he’s gonna rip your head off.

The original concept for Batman also included this white cowl. This small touch is a way to show a real reverence for the original source material, something fans should appreciate.

At this time, the next film is currently scheduled to hit theaters on March 4, 2022. This next film following the DC hero will be called The Batman which is an incredibly clear title. It is expected to be the first in a trilogy of films with Pattinson in the lead role. Additionally, there’s a lot of cautious optimism surrounding this casting choice. Robert Pattinson has been doing some weirdo stuff the last few years, so maybe he’s got what it takes to give the Batman a bit more oomph.

If not in theaters, hopefully it will be available to stream. Want more man news? Ahhhh, we know you do! Click here!