Ben Shapiro Turns 13 Today And The Internet Is Wishing Him A Nice One

by Mad Dog

INTERNET— Ben Shapiro is a popular conservative radio host, and turns 13 years old today. Yup, the internet is absolutely loving that for him. Shapiro even tweeted about the day himself. Although he asked everyone to stop paying so much attention to him…

Hell no! Today is not about MLK, today is about Ben Shapiro. The most epic 13 year-old on the PLANET. And that’s final. Check out some of our favorite birthday messages to the legend:

Nikki Haley got in the mix! Imagine being 13 and Nikki freakin’ Haley wishes you a happy birthday. Your friends would be SO jealous.

Someone bought Ben a brand spanking new outfit…

This dude right here also has Ben’s big 13th birthday in his thoughts:

Shalom Aloha to you, Sam Whitfield!

Alexa Holcombe, girl, had a little something to say as well!

We think that birthdays are apolitical, which is why we’re wishing Ben Shapiro a happy one! Blow out the candles and have a ball tonight, Ben. Today is your day, and there is no luckier 13 year-old on the planet right now.

Ben, be careful if you have a reptile birthday party to celebrate. We are getting nervous imagining you holding one of these pythons! Or rather, imagining a python holding you! Just a joke. Ha!

Hopefully his parents get him a nice juicy steak and a creamy slice of wet cake. That sounds pretty good to us. Good job Ben!