Body-Positivity Win! This Danish Children’s Show Is About A Man With A Huge Dong

by Mad Dog

DENMARK — Europeans are insane. From their little pubs to their big clocks, these freaks just can’t stop doing the strangest things! Which is why we weren’t surprised to learn about ‘John Dillermand’, a children’s television show in Denmark about a man with a super-powered penis that is capable of saving the entire world.

Yup. This penis is pretty damn big and pretty damn useful. If you have a large penis that is striped like a candy cane, you are going to want to move to Copenhagen ASAP.

DISCLAIMER: Men’s Humor fans, if you have a short-penis, or even a medium penis, please be respectful of people with John Dillermand’s body-type. We have a zero tolerance policy for shaming people with long, girthy penises. You will be blocked.

‘John Dillermand’ – which is Danish for ‘John Penisman’ – is now broadcasting on the public Danish television network DR Ramasjang. The show follows John Penisman, who has the world’s longest penis, as he uses his grotesque and extraordinary member to do anything. In the theme song, there is even a line that translates to “there’s nothing he can’t do with it.”

Anyway, we know what you’re thinking — how in the world is this a children’s show? According to Sex & Samfund, a Danish association for sex education, the show is so asexual that children wouldn’t view John Penisman’s penis the same way adults do.

This is a huge step forward for media representation of men with enormous cocks. However, we wish the minds behind ‘John Dillerman’ went farther. Perhaps John Penisman could have a sidekick with a short-but-wide penis, who may not hit back walls as well as others, yet is a supremely satisfying lay nonetheless due to the circular motion he includes in his thrusting.

Regardless, ‘Dillerman’ is a great start towards making television content more inclusive of ALL penises, and not just the small ones. Thankfully, there’s always more room… to grow. Ha!