Busta Rhymes Busted His Ass And Now He’s As Ripped As A Brick Shithouse

by Gorman

Busta Rhymes is a name many know, but few have heard over the last decade. That’s because, according to an article from Men’s Health, Busta Rhymes has been losing weight, gaining muscle, and turning himself into a tank. Busta started busting his ass after a tumultuous, decades-long struggle with trauma, loss, weight gain and neglecting his own health for the sake of his music. That album, Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God, came out in November of 2020. It’s his first record release since 2009. He’s celebrating by showing the world what a fucking beast he is.

Busta Rhymes Knows Tragedy

The seeds of Busta Rhymes’s transformation are not happy ones. Sometimes one must go through the ringer before they ascend to glory (or make a new album and start going to the gym). According to the article in Men’s Health “in 2012, his friend and longtime manager Chris Lighty died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Then in early 2014, Busta’s father also passed.” These tragedies brought Busta from a place of general good health and well being to a slow downward spiral of self-neglect. Happens to the best of us, buddy, even when we haven’t suffered as much. A terrifying medical emergency caused by sleep apnea in 2019 lead Rhymes to focus on his health. And focus he goddamn did.

He’s Got A Guy

After a bodybuilder named Dexter Perry tagged Rymes in an instagram video- featuring his song “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See”- he took it as a sign. Busta contacted Perry and they immediately carved out a routine and fleshed out an insane diet. He basically eats a dozen eggs every morning.

At first he gained a ton of weight (obviously, holy shit) but then he started building muscle mass. After 30 days working out with Perry on a strict regime, Busta went to Los Angeles and trained for the 2019 Mr. Olympia competition.


His Workout Is Terrifying

According to the article in Men’s Health the key to Busta’s success are supersets. The directions for these supersets are “do the exercises back to back with no rest. Rest 30 seconds between supersets. Do 3 sets of 12 for each superset.” If you’re familiar with hammer curls, tricep pressdowns, close-grip bench presses and spider curls, then congratulations- you are probably a brick shithouse too.

The incredibly arduous routine must have worked because he’s now 254 pounds, down from his pre-workout weight of 290. He attributes this incredible success to his family (he has 6 kids!) his trainors and his insane breakfast of 12 eggs and oatmeal followed by a steak every night. Hot damn.

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