Cardi B Pays Tribute To Fellow Babe Amelia Earhart With Her New Outfit!

by Gorman

Cardi B is a handsome woman. This is undeniable. However, who would have guessed she was such an avowed fan of the late great pilot Amelia Earhart? Cardi B posted a HOTT new pic on her Instagram featuring a brown leather outfit that so clearly smacks of Earhart, there’s just no other way to interpret it. One hot woman honoring another? Now that’s good news.

Cardi B is an Earhart stan, and we are ALL FOR IT. The pink accents? Only heighten the feminist overtones of an outfit so rooted in the history of women escaping the shackles of persecution and misogyny. We just know that Amelia herself would have rocked the hell out of that outfit, if people weren’t such fucking prudes back then. Sad to think that as her plane plummeted into the pacific, she had to wear lots of clothes.

The New York Post also featured the breathtaking tribute and noted that the outfit was created by Rey Ortiz, whom Cardi’s worked with before. Ortiz has styled Lizzo, Kylie Jenner and scores of other very handsome women. None of them, however, have featured such stirring allusions to the pilot, whose plane went missing during a truly EPIC attempt to circumnavigate the globe in 1937. She was declared dead 18 months later.

Cardi B’s Outfit Also Celebrates A Fallen Bro

Amelia’s navigator, Fred Noonan, also died during that fateful voyage, but no one even ever talks about that dude. Sorry, bro! You are missed! You’re an official Men’s Humor hero!

Cardi B’s outfit features boots by Balenciaga and a purse by Louis Vuitton. They’re expensive as fuck, but the real news is the outfit itself because it is all about Amelia. Brown leather and zippers reek of two things—the movie Top Gun, and Earhart.

Cardi’s ensemble does not mention the tragedy that befell Earhart (though it would be nutz if the outfit somehow did), but it definitely does a good job of honoring the fallen hero and babe. It’s a stirring tribute to one who did so much to pave the way for other similarly hot women. Thanks, Cardi! And thanks, Amelia! Wanna read more hot lady news? Click here!