13 Bernie Sanders Memes That Celebrate The True Spirit Of America

by Gorman

The inauguration brought many a fashion icon, we suppose, but no one has captured the imagination of this nation more than Bernie Sanders. His fit, as they say, was something to behold, but it wasn’t just the fashion: It was the attitude. That’s runway attitude. That’s diva attitude. And the world certainly took notice. Thus, the internet chose to do what it does best and meme the ever-loving shit out of Bernie Sanders. God Bless America.

1. Bernie Pride

Smear a lil jelly on that ol’ noggin and you got yourself a prince!

2. Game Of Berns

Winter is here.

3. Artful Bern

They say that modern art is subjective. In this case, the subject is an old , cranky politician and we approve.

4. Extreme Bernie

Would literally give anything in the world to see this happen irl

5. Looney Berns

This one is all about the attitude. It is ALL. THERE.

6. Shade

This is a pretty rough dis, but let’s be honest, compared to Jennifer Lopez we all look absolutely haggard.

7. Homerun Bernie

He’s not even gonna TRY to catch any fly balls. That’s how cool he is.

8. The Bernie Club

“You wanna know what I did to get in here? Nothing… I didn’t have anything better to do.” 

9. Chasing Bernie

This grouping makes perfect sense.

10. Courtside Sanders


Where all the beautiful people hang out.



Cool as a cucumber. Not a hair out of place (except for all the missing ones, of course.)



Bernie loves a good meatball! Just like the rest of the gang at Men’s Humor

13. Bernie IN The Band

Glass Animals

Even some musicians got in on the sweet meme action

14. 90s Sitcom Bernie

Glass Animals

15. Where’s Bernie?

Glass Animals

Can you find the Bernie Sanders hidden in this image?

There are plenty of other good Bernie memes out there in the internet universe, but these were the ones we could attribute to the original creator. We’re glad this momentous occasion, this once in a lifetime event was immortalized by all of the world. If there’s one take away from this election it is this: Bernie Sanders looked funny.

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