Cate Blanchett Lives In A Gross-Ass Haunted Mansion With Bats

by TheDuder95

For those who think that celebs get too much special treatment, look no further than movie star Cate Blanchett. The award-winning actress known for her work in the Lord of the Rings, Thor, and Carol lives in an old haunted English mansion with a colony of rare bats.

Wow. If you needed any further proof that celebs really can have it all, here you go!

News broke this afternoon that Blanchett is looking to renovate her English estate, but we learned that local authorities have stopped her plans. Turns out a species of protected bats live on the grounds of Blanchett’s property, meaning she can’t follow through with renovations until she removes them.

Surveyors discovered droppings from both pipistrelle and brown long-eared bats, an at-risk and protected species. As a result, Blanchett must now provide a plan to safely remove the rare creatures. After that, the area’s council chiefs must approve her plan before granting a permit. Unfortunately the bats fit right in at the allegedly “haunted” home, which was recently named one of the creepiest places in Britain.

The house is haunted AND it has bats? Now all she needs is for the property to be located on an ancient burial ground and she’ll have the makings of an awesome haunted house!

While we think Blanchett’s haunted house sounds awesome, some folks on social media disagree:

Whatever. Those bats are awesome. If Cate Blanchett needs a place to store them while she does her renovations, we would happily help her out. We’re not sure what the rules are for international bat travel, but it’s probably something we can Google.