Dave Chapelle And John Mayer Cover Nirvana Together? What? Why?

chapelle and mayer

Some collaborations make no sense. There is no reason for them to happen. People who have nothing to do with each other come together and make something incredibly unnecessary. On occasion, they can be entertaining as hell. That is exactly what happened Dave Chapelle and John Mayer got together to play one of Nirvana’s most famous hits, “Come As You Are.” Why? No idea.

Watch Dave Chapelle and John Mayer sing a 90s song for no reason below!

Is it as good as Nirvana’s original version? Probably not. But it is certainly interesting.

The justification for this happening is clearer when you remember they actually collaborated together once before. That’s right: John Mayer guested on The Chapelle Show along with Questlove in a segment asking What Makes White People Dance?

Check it out below.

If you really, really did not enjoy the version of “Come As You Are” above, well sorry. You are out of luck, friend. Try again tomorrow, and Men’s Humor might have something more up your alley. Best off logging out of the computer and calling it a day if this wasn’t for you.

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