Has Kyrie Irving Missed Three Straight Games To Watch This “Bad Boys” Spin-Off On Netflix?

by Tim K

Here’s a major red flag for Brooklyn Nets fans: Per ESPN, Sunday night marked Kyrie Irving’s third straight missed game since LA’s Finest, the two-season comedy-action show inspired by the iconic Bad Boys franchise, hit Netflix.

Ouch. This is definitely not what you want from your star player, but at the same time… that show must kick ass!

Even with early-MVP candidate Kevin Durant reentering the lineup, the Nets turned in a disappointing performance on Sunday evening en route to a 129-116 loss to the middling Oklahoma City Thunder. We can’t help but think the absence of All-Star guard Kyrie Irving had something to do with it.

Irving, who missed his third straight game on Sunday for “personal reasons,” last took the hardwood on January 5th – Tuesday of last week.

Where has Kyrie been?

In the time since, both seasons of LA’s Finest — which premiered on Spectrum in 2019 and stars Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union as detectives investigating super badass crimes — were put on Netflix, making it totally possible that Kyrie has missed several games in a row to watch catch up on the show.

Fan reaction on Twitter has been swift:

Kyrie’s coaches and teammates elected not to elaborate on Irving’s apparent obsession with the buddy-cop television show.  “All the communication with Ky between the organization, I’m going to keep private,” Nets head coach, Steve Nash, said Sunday, “but I’m sure you’ll hear from him at some point.”

“I wouldn’t speak for Kyrie, I’ll let him do that for himself,” Kevin Durant said. “I’m sure you guys will see him soon when he comes back, and we support him 100 percent and pray for the best.”

Wow. While it’s definitely a bummer for basketball fans everywhere to have to wait for Kyrie to finish up LA’s Finest and remember about basketball again, it’s pretty cool to know that even the biggest stars love television, too. I for one can’t wait to check that show out! I haven’t seen it, but it looks tight.