Joe Pesci Put His SICK Beach House Up For Sale, And It’s Presumably Booby Trap-Proof! (‘Home Alone’ Reference)

by Tim K
pesci home

Here’s some awesome news if you happen to have $6.5 million: Joe Pesci is selling his sick-ass Jersey Shore mansion!

Hell yes. This house looks insanely cool, and you gotta figure it’s pretty airtight as far as preventing any booby traps goes… because of ‘Home Alone’! Excellent!

Per Fox Business, the 78-year-old ‘Goodfellas’ star has relisted his shore beach house in Lavallette for $6.5 million — a price he’s refusing to budge on AT ALL. The first time he listed the property was in November 2019, according to the listing on

One mega-highlight from in the eight-bed, eight-bath Art Deco mansion is the media room full of posters from his old film hits, including“Goodfellas,” “Casino,” “My Cousin Vinny,” “A Bronx Tale”…

And, obviously, “Home Alone.” You gotta think that this place is decked out with booby trap protections as well! Mr. Joe Pesci has seen firsthand what can happen when you’re not prepared for that!

Children end up HURTING you!

Check Out The Sick-Ass Mansion Below!

So awesome. This is an excellent opportunity for all you Men’s Humorites out there! Let us know in the comments if any of you guys are rich enough to buy this house, or maybe have enough close boys where you can all pool together some dough and rent this bad boy for one whole epic summer! One’s thing’s for sure… it’ll be safe from booby traps! Because of everything Pesci learned from ‘Home Alone!’ Thank you! Goodbye.

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