Paula Abdul Claims She Survived A Plane Crash There Are No Records For

by Gorman
abdul simon

Surviving a plane crash isn’t something you’re going to quickly forget. Paula Abdul certainly hasn’t forgotten her brush with death in 1992, when her tour plane crashed. However, multiple sources doubt the veracity of her story. According to a story from Distactify “around the time her Under My Spell tour concluded in 1992, she was involved in a plane crash.” Specifically, she claims the engine in her small 7 seater plane caught fire about 40 minutes into a flight. The right wing even caught on fire!

Or did it? The NTSB and other sources can’t find convincing data that the incident ever occurred.

The crash, which reportedly occurred in the midst of her Under My Spell tour cannot be found in any plane crash database. According to the womanly news, NTSB there is no record of a plane crash in Iowa at any time between Abdul’s St. Louis and Denver-area shows in 1992. 

Paula Abdul mentioned the incident on several occasions, most recently during an interview on RuPual’s talkshow titled- wait for it- Rupaul.

Even though her claims have been disputed, she doesn’t seem phased. According to Paula Abdul, multiple people survived the crash and can corroborate her story. It’s peculiar, however, that folks would go to the trouble of searching plane crash records, but not eye witness reports.

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