Remember When These ‘Sopranos’ Stars Got Gaslit By Bert And Ernie On ‘Sesame Street’?

by TheDuder95

TV fans of all ages have been able to rewatch iconic shows like The Sopranos thanks to the rise of streaming platforms like HBO Max. For Sesame Street fans who also love the hit HBO series about a New Jersey family crime syndicate, check out this incredible video.

This clip of Sopranos cast members Tony Sirico and Steve Schirripa making a cameo on Sesame Street over a decade ago will brighten your day.

We can’t help but think these two wise-guys wanted to put some cement shoes on Bert & Ernie. They’d be within their rights to do so. Those puppets are honestly pretty annoying.

Sirico and Schirripa, known for playing mobsters “Paulie Gualtieri” and “Bobby Baccalieri,” are certainly good sports throughout the clip. Their appearance was featured in Elmo’s Christmas Countdown, which aired around the holidays in 2007. Even though Bert and Ernie are clearly pretty hard to work with, the two guest actors power through. They definitely seemed a little annoyed by Bert & Ernie’s artistic vision, but they somehow made it work.

Via Giphy

We wouldnt have been surprised if Paulie Walnuts popped a cap in Bert and Ernie for being huge goombas.

While Sesame Street features celebrity guests all the time, this appearance stands out. It’s honestly surprising that any big name made another appearance on the show after watching how disrespectful Bert & Ernie were to their guests. Despite that, Sirico and Schirripa aren’t the only Sopranos cast members to make an appearance. Sopranos boss man himself James Gandolfini made an appearance a few years earlier.

The late, great James Gandolfini on Sesame Street

Shoutout to James Gandolfini. He will always be a legend. There’s no way we would have been able to stand working those juvenile puppets.

Just goes to show that the dudes of The Sopranos are class acts.