20 Ridiculously Awkward Photos Of Celebs And Their Fans

by TheDuder95
Bill Murray

Ever spot celebs in the wild and rush to get a pic? We’ve been there before too. Sometimes the photos turn out alright. But if we’re being honest, a lot of times they do not. It’s just the circumstances that make it hard to snap a good photo. You’re nervous. The celebrity is annoyed. You have to trust a stranger to take a photo. It just often becomes a hot mess.

These hilariously awkward celeb fan photos might make you think twice before asking your favorite actor or musician to pose for a pic with you.

It’s hard to look away from this disaster of a photo.

Believe it or not, that’s actually the famous DJ Deadmau5 posing with Cage. Nic clearly does not know where he’s at. Lay off the white wine fam!

There’s no way this guy’s photo with Kim Kardashian turned out okay. He’s not even using a cell phone. Just a regular old digital camera.

You can’t take back this level of cringe. Sorry.

We all know what was on Bill Murray’s mind when this pic was snapped. Golf. Yes, definitely golf.

This dude really had to get this pic, huh? Hope it was worth it for him.

Didn’t seem to bother Morgan Freeman that much. Celebs gonna celeb.

At least she stopped to pose for a pic though.

And how it brought him to this exact moment in time when two dweebs posed for a selfie with him.

Usually it’s a dude signing a woman’s chest, not the other way around. Danica is clearly a good sport even if she’s not very good at driving a car.

No seriously. She does not look well. Sometimes celebs need some help.

At least give her a heads up the next time you rush her for a pic.

Looks like he’s been going through some shit. Hope Hugh is alright!

Dude needs to take five.

Not very photogenic in this moment for a model.

This might be the most awkward celeb photo yet. Paris Hilton has no idea what’s even going on.

Not even David Beckham could bend his way out of this awkward situation.

This kid definitely made this his Facebook photo as soon as he got his hands on it.

What is going on with you dude?

Hope you got her number, Jack!