Someone Imagined A Seinfeld Reboot Done Like A David Lynch Film

by Gorman
costanza cover

The internet gives birth to incredible things. From the womb of the web, post modernism runs amok, mashing up anything it can get its hands on. Now, we have a beautiful explosion of intellectual properties that are beloved. Dom Nero, an editor over at Esquire spent hours and hours combing through footage to create a David Lynch reboot of Seinfeld.

The result is very Lynchian, but oddly still a lot more straight forward than Twin Peaks. If you’re a fan of either of these 90s television shows, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Below you’ll find a few highlights from the mystery. It’s wild.

The story begins right where we left off 25 years ago. The gang was placed under arrest, and locked in a cell. They’re doing hard time for being bad guys.

Just like Laura Palmer before him, Jerry has met his maker under mysterious circumstances.

Truly, what else could it have been?

Honestly, some of the fades Nero does are jarring. We might be having nightmares about George Costanza tonight.

To get the full experience you have to watch the full video (if you can carve out 11 minutes, it’s worth it.) Men’s Humor salutes Dom Nero for his hours and hours of work! He combed through pretty much every piece of media the four main stars (and Newman) appeared in over the last 25 years. Truly absurd and wonderful.

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