Steven Tyler Is Hopefully Okay From That One Time He Fell Off A Stage

by Gorman

Steven Tyler is a horny adult man who loves the limelight. Most of the time he looks relatively cool to the people he’s trying to aim that vibe at. You cannot, however, perform hundreds of shows for decades and decades without at least once beefing it big time on stage. This time it was caught on camera.

People falling is unbelievably funny most of the time. The sad thing is, Steven Tyler was actually pretty banged up by this event. According to an eye witness account by Mike Sanborn, a spokesman for the venue, “He does a lot of dancing on the stage and he does a lot of stuff with his mike stand. He put his stand down and twirled around and stepped backwards off the stage.” 

This was all the way back in 2009. So how is he doing today? Well, he appears to be fine, and has a lot of money. Regardless, can any of us ever truly know what’s going on beneath the surface? We smile and laugh in the photos. We show our brightest smile. But facades are easy to cast in digital bronze.

Maybe that fall broke him somewhere doctors can’t find with an x-ray. It looks pretty embarrassing, even for a guy that dresses like Jack Sparrow. We may never know if he emotionally recovered from the event.

Video is still pretty funny, though. Celebs falling is just really, really good.

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