Twitter Users Are Sharing Their Favorite Eddie Murphy Moments


Eddie Murphy is one of the most beloved comedic actors Hollywood has ever produced. He dominated the ’80s stand-up scene and led blockbuster after blockbuster in his four decades-long career.

Yeah, four decades of Murph’! Isn’t that insane how long Murph’ has been around?!

All those years have made for an endless list of classic Murphy Moments, and Twitter users are sharing their favorites. Why now? We don’t know. But we’ve compiled them for you nonetheless.

Donkey is definitely a Men’s Humor favorite. We love Donkey. He is an animal who talks, is rude, and live with Shrek. What is not to love? “I’m making waffles.” Man, the way Eddie said that line was so sick. Simply put, Donkey is a formative figure in many people’s lives, including ours.

“I’m making waffles!” We had to say it one more time. It just feels so good. Give it a shot yourself. If you are sitting alone at your computer, say, “I’m making waffles!” just like Murph’ said it and we guarantee that you will feel better!

Alright, back to those Murph’ Moments!

No one does it like you, Murph’. The list could go on forever. Bowfinger, Shrek 2, Beverly Hills Cop, Norbit. We’ve seen them all and have an itch to watch Murph’ movies right now after reading these tweets. We could definitely use some Donkey today. God bless you Eddie Murphy.

Rest in peace to Charles Murphy too, by the way. What a simply epic family!

What’s your favorite Moment of Murph’? Share in the comments!