You Can Now Buy Your Own David Hasselhoff And Beat The Hell Out Of Him!

by Mad Dog

LOS ANGELES, CA — If you’ve ever watched Baywatch and thought to yourself, “Well damn! That David Hasselhoff fella sure is nice-looking, but I wish he lived in my garage,” you’re in luck. A 14-foot-long model of the actor wearing his iconic red Baywatch lifeguard swim trunks is now up for sale by Diligent Auction Services, which means you could purchase David Hasselhoff (and if you really wanted to, could totally beat the living crap out of him).

Kicks, punches, the works!

Right now the asking price for the oversized figure is around 100,000 dollars. But, that price is estimated to rise up to a massive one and a half million dollars. Which seems like a pretty small price to pay for the chance to upper-cut this German freak right in his giant face.

That face is practically begging for a walloping!

Now, this 14-foot Hasselhoff statue isn’t just any 14-foot Hasselhoff statue. It was actually used as a prop in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. So the major asking price for this sucker is totally worth it.

If Men’s Humor had the funds on hand, you’d best believe we’d scoop this guy up, take him home, put on our boxing gloves, and deliver jab after jab into his incredibly toned tummy.

But get this — this isn’t the first time that this movie prop has been up for auction. In 2014, the prop was about to go on sale when Hasselhoff himself pulled the prop out of the auction. Seems he wasn’t yet ready to part ways with… himself. But now, Hasselhoff is ready, and we are here for it.

We’re just going to be super jealous of whoever gets to keep him and roundhouse kick his liver for as long as they want. Good luck with your bids!