Chuck E. Cheese Is Out Of Bankruptcy! Which Means They Can Finally Get A New Animatronic Band Member, Like A Lizard With A Sitar

by Mad Dog

If you thought 2021 was going to be as bad as 2020, turn that frown upside down, because we have amazing news for you: Chuck E. Cheese, the rat-based eatertainment empire, has announced that they are officially out of bankruptcy, which means they could add a new humongous and frightening reptilian to their animatronic house band, if they wanted to!

“[We] look forward to beginning a new chapter as a stronger and healthier company well positioned to execute on our long-term goals,” said CEC Entertainment CEO David McKillips in a statement. “Under new ownership, and with the leadership of our new Board, the CEC team is excited to continue delivering memories, entertainment, and pizza for kids and families around the world for generations to come.”

Hell to the yeah! This is exciting AF, especially if the new animatronic lime-green lizard that we are hoping the company introduces could have a cool name like “Gustav” or “Rodrigo The Tank.” Just imagine yourself munching on some delicious cheese pizza while Chuck E. rocks the mic with a 14-foot Iguana angrily strumming a sitar onstage next to him.

Photo Credit: Henry Taylor/The Lea – USA TODAY NETWORK

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, Chuck E. Cheese now has 100 million dollars of liquidity to support operations and growth. This comes after they managed to pay off 705 million dollars of debt in the past twelve months. That sounds extremely suspicious, but we do not care as long as Chuck and co. can rock out for the kids.

So, surely, it would be pretty easy to buy and build a seven foot tall Kimodo Dragon with blood red eyes and real working reptilian gills to add to the house band. Seems like a good use of money in our humble opinion. And if you really need to free up some cash, get rid of the ball pits. We don’t need that. We want the lizard. Give us the lizard.

And until then, we at Men’s Humor will keep you posted on all things Chuck E. and/or Cheese.