Craig Ferguson Is Being Celebrated For Defending Britney Spears In 2007 (WATCH)

by Tim K

Attention all Craig Ferguson Stans: Today is your day to shine! A 2007 ‘The Late Late Show’ clip featuring Craig Ferguson REFUSING to make fun of Britney Spears is going viral on Twitter today!

Yes! Who else knew the Ferg would eventually get his day in the sun? Kickass!!!

Since last week’s release of ‘Framing Britney Spears,’ a documentary examining the pop star’s struggles with fame in the early 2000s, fans and media alike have been reexamining how they treated the singer all those years ago. But amid all of the regret and the apologies and the reckonings, there is one man who can hold his head high…

…and that man is Craig Motherfucking Ferguson!

Check Out The Ferg Crushing It Way Ahead Of His Time!

So many great points here. Could the Ferg have delivered an epic monologue that absolutely roasted the shit out of Britney Spears? Of course. The guy is sharp as a tack. He’s one of the most lethal jokesmiths in the game, and our current late night TV lineup misses him dearly. But did he do it? Did he actually go in on Britney Spears? No. Because he’s too good of a guy for that, and Twitter seems to agree!

Check Out Twitter’s Reaction To The Ferg!

Yes! Attaboy, Ferg! Anyone else feeling jacked the fucked up over the Ferg-Man showing us the way? We know we are! Let this be a lesson to everyone out there: Next time you think the Fergerino is washed up, or you think it’s weird that he’s on the History Channel now sometimes, think again! Because Twitter LIKES him! Thank you! Goodbye.

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