Dave Chappelle’s Yelling WORKED, And Now, Chappelle’s Show Is Coming Back To Netflix!

by Tim K

Here’s some awesome news for all us dudes who like to say “I’m Rick James, bitch!” still: Dave Chappelle has officially stopped yelling at everyone, and as a result, Chappelle’s Show is coming back to Netflix! Chapelle’s program has returned!

Yes! Can I get a “I’m Rick James, bitch!”

“I’m Rick James, Bitch!” He Says That In The Video Below!


Anyways, if you’re wondering why Chappelle’s Show was ever off Netflix in the first place, there’s a whole big backstory there that I don’t really have the time to get into right now. I just don’t have the time. I’ll put the one long-ass video up below, though, where Dave Chapelle rambles on about it for what feels like two hours. In an unnecessarily roundabout way, he eventually talks about why he’s upset. You can watch it if you want to (totally understand if you don’t!)

Dave Chappelle Talks And Talks And Talks In The Video Below! The Gist Of It Is That He Wants More Money And Did Not Like Being Exploited When He Was Younger. Bet A Lot Of People Who Work Really Hard Feel That Way But Don’t Have The Power To Complain So Much That They Are Just Handed Millions Of Dollars, Which Dave Just Was. Must Be Pretty Cool For Dave!

So sick! “I’m Rick James, bitch!”

And now, after all that drama, there’s a major update: Per the Hollywood Reporter, Chappelle’s Show is streaming on Netflix again and this time it has Dave Chappelle’s blessing.

Dave once again took to Instagram, this time talking for way too long about how Netflix paid him millions of dollars because he complained so much. Nice, man! That’s neat.

If You Got A Lot Of Time (Like, A Whole Shit-Load Of Time!), Watch Dave Ramble On Below!

If you don’t feel like watching, lemme just tell you this: He begins the video by saying, “All power a glory go to God. All greatness is from God.” Yes!!! And if you think that sounds like something only a huge tool would say, especially into a microphone super dramatically, you are WRONG! This is the man who invented the iconic phrase…

“I’m Rick James, Bitch!”

So sick! So anyway, yeah, Netflix is gonna have Chappelle’s Show back on there. That’s all! Thank you! Goodbye! Oh, and one more thing…

“I’m Rick James, Bitch!” Say It In The Comments! Thank You! Thank You!

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