Dave Grohl Reveals How DISGUSTING Lemmy’s Apartment Was

by Tim K

Now THIS is a scoop all rock and roll fans need to hear: According to Dave Grohl, Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead lore had a truly GROSS living situation, even by Rock Legend standards.

Damn, Lemmy! This all sounds pretty raw!

Any Motorhead megafan will tell you that coming by real-life information about the band’s famously close-to-the-vest leader is near impossible, which makes this news that much more awesome. Per LoudWire, Dave Grohl just detailed what was really going down in Lemmy’s apartment:

“I was shocked at how fucking disgusting it was,” the Foo Fighters frontman said. “These aisles of magazines and VHS tapes, stacked three to four feet high, Lemmy sitting on the couch in his black bikini underwear with a spiderweb on them, after just dyeing his hair black, doing a phone interview, with a video game on pause on the television.”

And for as wild as that was, it was only the tip of the iceberg.

Grohl continued, explaining that the moment Lemmy’s interview was over, he offered the Nirvana drummer a Jack Daniels.

“It was fucking 11:15 in the morning,” Grohl added. “I said, ‘Sure’. I will never, ever forget every little detail of that day. Especially not the black underwear, with a spiderweb and a black widow spider right where the dick is.”

Meanwhile, fans have taken to Twitter to let their takes fly:

Yep, no surprises there. Up until the very end, Lemmy did things Lemmy’s way, which is why he’s still held in such high esteem by fans, musicians, and critics alike. Here’s to you, Bass King!

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