Elton John Just SLAMMED His Own Hits, Wants To Play Concerts WITHOUT Them

by Tim K

Buckle up, Elton John fans, because the legend himself just dropped a major bombshell: According to Ultimateclassicrock.com, Elton John has announced that he’d like to start playing shows where he doesn’t play ANY of his old hits.

Okay, now this could get interesting! If Elton John isn’t playing his best-known songs during his concerts, who knows what he’ll be doing instead?

Of course, Sir Elton is no stranger to rethinking his touring strategy. The rock and roll legend has been on the record in the past discussing the possibility of totally changing the way he does shows, but now he’s finally going into some detail about what that might look like:

“I’m lucky to have so many great songs to play every night,” Elton told Record Collector. “But there is a point in time where you think, ‘I don’t really want to play this anymore.”

“There are things like ‘Original Sin’ or ‘(Gotta Get a) Meal Ticket’ that I haven’t really played before. Not enough anyway. But if I have to go back and play ‘Crocodile Rock’ again, it’s like, ‘I’m gonna kill myself.’”

Damn! Those are some fighting words from Sir Elton! This guy is seriously ready to get up on that stage, look the audience square in the eyes, and do some other kind of performance BESIDES playing ‘Bennie and the Jets’!

The question remains, though: What in the world could Elton John do during his shows instead of playing his hit songs?

It’s a question that’s surely plagued countless artists in the past, and to my knowledge, one that’s never been answered in a satisfying way. When you consider Sir Elton John’s age (73 years old) and his signature old-guy, hunched-over-stature that he’s developed after like 60 years of playing piano, you gotta think that any kinds of impressive athletics or feats of strength will be off the table.

Sure, Elton John could stand up there onstage and just talk to the audience. He’s obviously an interesting guy, and must have stories out the wazoo about partying with the rock legends of yore. But for my money, talking is a little too reminiscent of singing. We’d wager that before long, the audience would start getting antsy, thinking that any moment could be the moment where he finally begins talking louder and louder until he’s finally singing ‘Rocket Man’ like he’s supposed to. This would surely make for a pretty weak concert-going experience.  

So, if displays of athleticism and just regular talking are off the table, what else could Elton John have in mind? Medium ghost-reading type stuff? Some other kind of ghost reading I’m not aware of? The possibilities are endless, and that’s what’s so exciting!

Well, if any musical artist is gonna figure out a way to totally reinvent the concert-format, I’d say a creative genius like Elton John is the right man for the job. Fingers crossed we get more information soon!