Ever Wondered “What If Caillou Was In ‘Training Day’?”


It’s a question every Caillou fan has asked themselves. What if my favorite animated bald child was in the 2001 cop thriller Training Day? Luckily for you, The Dad has answered the call of duty and brought that crossover to life.

Okay, quite frankly, Avengers: Endgame can eat shit. THIS is the epic uniting of cinematic heroes that we have been waiting for!

Check it out below.

Wow, if Denzel Washington’s Training Day character was a regular guest on Caillou, you can bet that nasty little boy would’ve whined less.

Replacing Ethan Hawke with Caillou in virtually every scene from that film would be absolutely sick. Denzel and Caillou make a good team. What if they did a Rush Hour together too? Man, so much potential there.

Here’s to you, The Dad. You’ve single-handedly won the Internet with your video!