Florida Guy Has A Pet Alligator That Survives On Pizza And Cookies


Florida rules. Don’t believe us? Well, do YOU have a pet alligator that loves pizza and minds its own fucking business? No, you don’t, unless you are the man in this video from Fox 13 in Tampa Bay. Who we LOVE!

Check out this man and his pizza-loving gator buddy below!

We support this. 100%. If you don’t support this you are a loser. It’s as simple as that. Let the man take care of this gator. You think the gator is gonna be able to survive out in the wild? Or in a sanctuary? It’s tasted pizza and cookies. It cannot go back to eating raw chicken meat and bones and feces, or whatever they feed these things.

This gator is more human than gator, now that it knows the sweet taste of pizza. What don’t you understand?

The alligator has lived with this man for 47 years. 47 years. Did you even watch the video or did you just condemn this man because he lived in Florida and fed a gator some weird shit? Context, man. Don’t be so judgmental. This man has taken better care of his alligator than you have your kids or marriage, we would put money on that.

Sometimes a man loves his gator and the gator is fine. No need to intervene. What don’t you GET?!

Simply put, if you are not down with this, get the hell off this site. You are missing a part of your soul that is necessary for enjoying our content, AND the idea of a man devoting his life to spoiling a friendly alligator. You need serious, serious help.

Well, if you are down with this, hell yea! Us too. This is such a heartwarming video that we are reconsidering our relationship with the entire animal kingdom, gators included. Nature is quite something, huh? And when you feed nature some pizza and Chips Ahoy? You get amazing YouTube content like this. Thank you kindly, content Gods: you have shined your glorious Light on us with this one, epic sir!