Good Luck Watching These ‘Happy Gilmore’ Outtakes And Not SMILING HUGE

by Tim K

Happy Gilmore was released 25 years ago. Wild, huh? We think that’s wild. Anyway, we should celebrate, right?

Yeah, why not? Something you learn as you get older is that in this life, you should NEVER pass up an opportunity to celebrate, because the chance doesn’t come around as often as you’d hope.

Oh, man, that’s such a sad thing to say.

Naw, no, it’s… Celebrating is good, is the point. It’s actually a very optimistic way to look at things.

Sure, man, okay. Anyway, we found Happy Gilmore OUTTAKES and they’re pretty awesome, if anybody out there wants to watch.

Excellent, yeah. “Capre Diem.”

Okay. Watch below!