Her Hips Don’t Lie: Christie Brinkley Is Recovering From Hip Surgery!

by Gorman

Attention all fans of National Lampoons Vacation series, we’ve got a sexy story for you. According to a report (lol) from OutKick, Christie Brinkley is recovering from hip surgery, and she’s doing it in a Bikini (hachi machi!)

Brinkley recounts in an Instagram post that she has been suffering from hip pain for 12 years (which is not fun, sorry Christie). Brinkley explains that she injured her hip in a skiing helicopter crash on a mountaintop in Telluride years ago. Damn. According to Page Six, the crash, which happened 25 years ago was, nearly fatal.

Christie Brinkley knew she would have to get a hip replacement but found the surgery “daunting.” That’s understandable! We’re glad she finally bit the bullet and took her self care to the next level, though. You gotta, Christie. We need you to be healthy and happy and frolicking on beaches.

Brinkley went on in her instagram post that she had her surgery during Thanksgiving and “was dancing in my kitchen by New Years Eve” Jesus, we get it. You’re hot AND you heal quickly.

Christie posted another photo on Insta featuring herself wearing a turquoise bikini, sun hat and silver bangles, complete with the caption “cliffhanger”. Looks like someone got all dolled up after surgery! Good, job CB!

On a slightly critical note, though, the picture doesn’t appear to show her hanging on any cliffs at all. She’s just sort of leaning against a rock on the beach. Kind of gross for her to lie about that, but we’ll forgive her because she’s a global treasure and she just had serious invasive surgery. But maybe be clearer next time?

We’re just splitting hairs, though. We’re overjoyed for miss Brinkley, a woman who is very hot, both presently and historically. Where would we be without her? Well, we’d probably be somewhere, but nowhere good. Keep healing, CB! May God bless you and keep you safe.

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