Hilarious ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Glitches They Should Just Keep In The Game

by TheDuder95

If you haven’t been keeping up on the latest gaming news, Cyberpunk 2077 is all the rage right now – and not necessarily for good reasons. While considered one of the most anticipated open world RPG releases of 2020, Cyberpunk players have reported tons of glitches and errors. So many, in fact, that gamers have been offered refunds and Sony even went as far as removing the game from its Playstation Store.

While most of these glitches make the game almost impossible to play, here are a few Cyberpunk 2077 glitches that we think deserve to stay.

Enemies Turn Into Patio Furniture After You Shoot Them

Who doesn’t need to sit down after a long day of being a mercenary in the dark and chaotic streets Night City?

Female NPC Wrestles With Her Cars After Getting Carjacked

Come on. Now that’s what we call being a #GirlBoss. If you carjack someone in the game it’s only fair that they get to wrestle their car to the ground with you inside of it before you drive away.

Characters Just Randomly Explode

‘Nuff said. This just makes things interesting.

Car Accidents Sometimes Change The Weather

This might be a glitch to some, but to us? This is a level of video game customization unlike anything ever before.

Characters Sometimes Expose Themselves While Riding Motorcycles

This is definitely not okay for the real world, but in a video game? Hell yeah. Open world gaming like this is all about immersing yourself in the world of the characters; if they like to show their private parts while dangerously standing up on a moving motorcycle, who are we to say that’s weird? This seems like a pretty key feature of the game anyway.

Tiny Trees Everywhere

There’s beauty all around you in the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

NPCs Suck At Driving And Get Mad At You About It

We are 100% here for this kind of thing.