In Retrospect, Eminem’s Rap Battles In ‘8 Mile’ Were Too Mean For Us

by Tim K

The year was 2002. Shrek 2 wouldn’t be in theaters for another two years. Neither would Spider-Man 2, or, for that matter, The Passion of the Christ. All those movies came out in 2004. No, no… 2002 belonged to one movie and one movie only: 8 Mile. And we are here to talk about it.

What Was ‘8 Mile?’ What Was It About?

We will not be answering dumbass fucking questions in this blog post.

Gotcha, Sure, Sorry. Just Didn’t Remember The Movie.

Yeah, we think you do, though. Just looking for attention.

No, Really–

Enough Q+A. Let’s get to brass tax:

In Short, We At Men’s Humor Believe Eminem Was Too Mean During His Final Rap Battles In ‘8 Mile.’ At The Time, We Thought It Was Pretty Rad, The Way He Was Making Everyone Look So Dumb In Front Of So Many People… But We’ve Grown A Lot Since Then, And So Has The Culture. This Sort Of Thing Isn’t Cool Anymore. Honestly, Now, With Our New, Fresh, More Mature Perspective, The Rap Battles Just Kind Of Bums Us Out To Watch (Which You Can Do Below!)

What do YOU think? Is this a mean scene? Or is it cool? Take your time and really think it over on your own! No need to hit us up in the comments section or anything. We’re not going to check it. Our commenters are all awful, awful people. Plus, sometimes it’s good just to have your own thoughts and keep them to yourself. Thank you! Goodbye.