Iranian Hulk Is About To Be Your New Favorite Hulk

by Mad Dog

TEHRAN, IRAN—Watch out, Mark Ruffalo: The mean green fighting machine known as The Hulk just got a little bit browner! He hails from Iran and is a famous bodybuilder and he will destroy your mind with his bulging muscles.

Just look at this Persian beast:

Wow, and such a nice thin waistline to boot…

You might be wondering, can this guy fit into regular denim jeans? You bet your ass he can.

But what about denim shorts? Now that’s a whole other conversation…

But this is the best post about Iranian Hulk. Here he is pictured doing a myriad of activities including drinking an unknown liquid that we can only guess is hot slime.

If you want to see more of this big ass Middle Eastern man, head over to his Instagram.