Ivanka Tagged MEATLOAF In Her Photo With Donald Trump… But Where Is Meatloaf?!

by Tim K

If you’ve been waiting in the wings for Meatloaf to finally re-enter the news, your time has come: In a selfie that Ivanka tweeted last night featuring herself and her father, President Donald J. Trump, she tagged Meatloaf… who is nowhere to be found.

Yep, there’s no doubt about it: THIS is an epic slip-up from Ivanka. But the question remains… is Meatloaf with them? Or no?

As crucial U.S. Senate elections get underway in Georgia today, Trump and his team were traveling to the Peach State to support the ongoing Republican campaign. While in flight, Ivanka snapped the pic that clearly shows just herself and her father, with the caption:

“Off to Georgia with Dad! Get out and VOTE Georgia!”

Uh, yeah. That’s an epic fail alright. Yikes.

Why, Ivanka, why would you tag Meatloaf when we can’t see him? Is he in the bathroom? Or maybe he’s crouching behind the President as some kind of ruse?

All in all, five people total were tagged in the photo: the official GOP account, Senator Kelly Loeffler, official White House Twitter account-handler, Dan Scavino Jr., Senate candidate David Perdue…

…and then, of course, the “Bat out of Hell” himself, Meatloaf.

Unbelievable. Ivanka, maybe from now on, let the professional social media folks handle the tweeting. At this point, all you’ve managed to do was make us all wonder if Meatloaf would maybe be allowed in the cockpit just because he’s Meatloaf, like a special-treatment type situation, and he was just chilling with the pilots…

…And daydream about how badass it would be to have MEATLOAF on your flight!