Jeffery Epstein’s NY Mansion Drops Millions In Price. Any Takers?

by Mad Dog

NEW YORK, NY — Gather around real-estate junkies, because there’s a great deal on the market today. Turns out that billionaire pedophile and famous dead guy Jeffrey Epstein has his New York City mansion up for sale and the price just got a little bit cheaper. To the tune of 23 million dollars.

With the caveat of you living in a dead pedophile’s residence, this is actually a pretty good deal. For just sixty five million dollars, you can be the proud owner of the twenty eight thousand square foot neoclassical townhouse, which went on the market in July along with his Florida mansion.


I mean, for goodness sake, you’re not going to get a better deal on New York real estate, even if the mansion is almost surely haunted by Jeffrey’s ghost and an infinite amount of Deep State operatives. You may even get to see some of Epstein’s old friends like Hillary Clinton, Chris Tucker, and Malcolm Gladwell.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the price drop of twenty six percent is partially due to the fact that the housing and rental markets in New York have plummeted as people have fled the city during the Coronavirus pandemic currently plaguing the nation.

Of course, this home belonged to Jeffrey Epstein, who was long accused of abusing young women and girls at all of his properties. But that’s not stopping anyone from buying this piece of land, turning it into a laser tag arena, or some other awesome venue that kids might actually love this time around.

Here are some other things you could do with this property that Men’s Humor thinks are good ideas:

  • World’s biggest Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • 28,000 square foot Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Planetarium
  • New stadium for the New York Giants
  • Burn the whole thing to the ground

Well, what do you pick? Let us know in the comments!