Jon Ossoff, New Georgia Senator, Has It BAD For Imagine Dragons

by Mad Dog

ATLANTA, GA — Stand back, Men’s Humor fans, because this story is Radioactive! Jon Ossoff, the new Democratic Senator from the state of Georgia, has been outed as a mega fan of the international rock n’ roll sensation, Imagine Dragons.

Just check out these Tweets from Jon about Imagine Dragons and you’ll see what we mean:

Oh you thought it was just this one? No. It gets even worse. Scroll through this puppy.

Why in the world is this guy running for The Senate, he should be applying to the social media position at Imagine Dragons HQ!

But this story takes an even more wild turn. It turns out that Jon isn’t just a fan of Imagine Dragons, he actually went to high school with the drummer, Daniel Platzman. They’ve even interacted online to recap the experience of performing in a musical together.

We’ve heard of mega fans before, but going to the same school and performing in the musical Les Mis with the musician you like? Now that’s just a little bit creepy, Jon. If this was the original lineup of the Red Hot Chili Peppers when they were still performing Dani California, maybe we would be a bit more understanding.

But Imagine Dragons? No. Just no, Jon.

Ossoff, who is thirty three years old, has yet to comment on this breaking scandal. But we know one thing for sure. We need to find Jon some new music because this is getting weird.

Here are some Men’s Humor suggestions for music we would like Jon Ossoff to listen to instead of Imagine Dragons:

  • Buddy Holly – “Everyday”
  • Crazy Frog – “Axel F”
  • Avicii – “Levels (Remix in reverse)
  • Eiffel 65 – “I’m Blue”
  • The Who – “Pinball Wizard”

Please listen to us, Jon. We just want to help you get some more music in your lineup besides the group that made the Suicide Squad theme song. You don’t want to be associated with that!