Let’s Not Forget How Hard Beavis And Butthead Hilariously ROASTED Metal

by Tim K

Younger people today just don’t get it. They’re too busy with their TikToks and pornography to give the credit where it’s due… to bow down to the kings… That’s right, we’re talking about motherfucking BEAVIS and motherfucking BUTTHEAD! The two funniest little guys to ever have been on television.

If You Remember Laughing So Hard At Beavis & Butthead That Your Head HURT And Your Sides HURT, Then You’re Cool In Our Book! Yes!

It was a long time ago, sure, but that doesn’t mean those two weird little dudes on the couch weren’t DEAD ON ACCURATE in their burns. If only there was a way to revisit those awesome times… to laugh how we used to laugh with Mr. B and Mr. B (Beavis & Butthead)… luckily there IS!

So let’s sit back, relax, and watch greatness before us in this epic compilation of the ten SICKEST TIMES B& B roasted metal!

Check Out The Hilarious Video Below!