LISTEN: ‘Enter Sandman’ Mashed Up With Huey Lewis And The News

by Tim K

They say opposites attract, and after listening to this new song, you might just agree: Per Ultimate Classic Rock, this mashup combines ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica and Huey Lewis and the News’s ‘Hip To Be Square’ into one… interesting song.

Titled ‘Hip To Be The Sandman,’ the song was created by Bill McClintock, who’s been putting mashups online since 2012. To date, he’s got 170,000 subscribers, and his mashups have been seen more than 37 million times.

Without further ado, check out the Huey Lewis and Metallica mash up below!

Meanwhile, the reaction online has been overwhelmingly positive:

You can check out a few more McClintock’s mashups below, including combinations of Eric Clapton and Michael Jackson (“Billie Cocaine“), Black Sabbath and the Temptations (“Get Ready for the Grave“), and Martin Gaye and Ratt (“I Heard It Round and Round the Grapevine“).

As an aside, Ultimate Classic Rock included this hilarious behind-the-scenes bit about how Lars and Hetfield couldn’t remember how they met Kirk Hammett.

“I met those guys for the first time in the dressing room … that was the beginning of my relationship with them,” he said. “And it’s really funny because, years after that, people would ask me, ‘What’s the first time you ever talked to those guys?’ I would say. Then, Lars would be like, ‘Really? I don’t remember that!’ And James is like, ‘Huh? Really?’ They don’t even remember!”

Kirk Hammett

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