Men’s Humor Nominates Steve-O’s Compilation Of Naked Stunts For ‘Best Picture’


STEVE-O CITY, INTERNET — Steve-O may be getting older, but his stunts aren’t getting any tamer. In fact, they may be getting even wilder as he ages. The Jackass veteran just released a compilation showing off the craziest stunts he’s performed while naked, and we are formally demanding the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to nominate this film for Best Picture.

Check it out below:

Simply no one is better at putting their nude body in danger for our entertainment than Steve-O, and Hollywood’s premiere award ceremony had better recognize his achievements.

Bow down to the king, Academy members!

We have nothing but respect for Steve-O, and particularly love his burgeoning Silver Fox look, which imbue his performance art with an air of maturity and wisdom. After watching a compilation like this, the Oscars would lose all credibility if they didn’t give him a Best Picture nod, or a Lifetime Achievement award, or something equally prestigious like that.

Recently, Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville were hospitalized after a stunt they pulled off for Jackass 4. We know hospitals are full right now, but if America’s favorite stuntmen weren’t given preferential treatment and prioritized over all other patients, we are going to go apeshit.

Steve-O, Johnny, if either of you need blood or an organ transplant, please contact Men’s Humor. We will find a staff member or follower of ours and take the necessary body parts and fluids from them to heal you up back to perfect health. You deserve it more than we do!