See First Glimpse of Michael Gandolfini Starring As Young Tony Soprano In New Trailer

by Mad Dog
young tony soprano collage

NEWARK—Fans of cured meats, rejoice! We are going to see more Sopranos and it stars, Michael Gandolfini. Yup, James Gandolfini’s very own son. We’re excited as hell and we have a first look of the show here at Men’s Humor.

Holy shit.

Can you believe it? Michael Gandolfini!

Honestly, no. This is one of the craziest things we’ve ever seen. Antonio Soprano is his name and he stars in the new HBO Max show called The Many Saints Of Newark.

First look at young Tony Soprano

This is going to be one epic release!

Does Men’s Humor Like The Sopranos?

You bet your tiny little ass we do. It’s got blood, guts, and mozzarella. That’s what we live for, baby! Thank you Michael Gandolfini, for what we KNOW will be an epic performance.

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