Move Over Madea: Tyler Perry Has A New Love, And Her Name Is Democracy!

by Mad Dog

ATLANTA—If you thought that true love exists, think again. Tyler Perry has basically shit all over his former lifetime love—Madea!—by flying in a private jet across the country to vote in-person in the Georgia runoff for The United States Senate.

According to TMZ, Tyler wanted to vote in the runoff so bad that he hopped into his plane and fled to Georgia because his absentee ballot never showed up. Uh, sure dude. I bet that’s what happened. Definitely not you just trying to come up with an excuse for leaving your lovely wife Madea behind.

He wrote on Twitter, presumably behind Madea’s back, “Hey Georgia, Is anyone else having this problem? I ordered my absentee ballot on December 2nd. I’m told it was mailed on the 4th. I still don’t have it!” 

Yeah, okay, Tyler.

But the betrayals didn’t stop there. No, no. It gets far worse than you could even imagine.

Tyler was then seen flirting with none other than political dynamo Stacey Abrams, who responded to his original Tweet by writing, “Hey @tylerperry, we’ve got you. Requested a ballot but haven’t received it? Vote in person on Election Day! Just tell the person at the check-in table that you wish to cancel your ballot & vote in person.”

Hmm, wonder why she would want Tyler in Georgia? We can’t say for sure, but it definitely sounds fishy over here at Men’s Humor HQ. All we know is that we’re praying for Madea and keeping her in our thoughts, because no matter what is going down, it is absolutely not fair to her.

If we could say one thing to Madea it would be this: “Keep your chin up, girl. Keep rocking. Keep loving without fear. You are our hero.” As always, we will keep you posted on this situation as it is ongoing. Stay tuned.