David Lynch And His YouTube Channel Are A Perfect Balm For Dark Times

David Lynch

David Lynch (director of Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive) has been more productive than anyone throughout quarantine. On top of preparing a new series at Netflix, the filmmaker has spent the COVID-19 ear documenting his at-home creative pursuits on YouTube. 

Every day, Lynch uploads a short video to his channel that either details the status of a painting (or urinal) he’s been working on, gives a weather report, plays a game of “Today’s Number Is…”, or something else entirely. Loyal viewers are occasionally treated to previously unseen short films or Q&A’s. 

Check out one of his most recent videos below:

Short, sweet, optimistic. Even if you’ve never seen his work before, Lynch’s calming presence, wisdom, and sense of humor provides viewers with a pleasant detour from doom-scrolling on social media. 

He began releasing this daily video diaries at the very start of quarantine and hasn’t let up yet. In an otherwise chaotic era, David Lynch’s YouTube Channel has been a rare constant.

Check out David’s wall sconce below. His hands don’t know how to stop creating!

David Lynch had a head start to the stay-at-home lifestyle we’ve all been thrust into as a result of this pandemic. He’s famously a homebody who prefers devoting time to art projects above all else. Just like Men’s Humor.

Along with Men’s Humor, Lynch’s channel offers one of the few reasons to look forward to being stuck on the Internet every day. Smash that subscribe button. You won’t regret it!