Shaq Was Very MEAN To James Harden When James Wasn’t Even There To Defend Himself

by Tim K

SHAQ, CHARLES – Parents, you may want to put your children back to bed until tomorrow morning, because this level of meanness is not meant for tiny little ears: Shaq said all kinds of rude stuff about James Harden last night when James Harden wasn’t even present to defend himself.

Why, Shaq? Why not call him on the phone, at least?

News broke earlier this week that James Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets after months of demanding out of Houston. In response, Shaq had some pretty messed up things to say.

Watch The Rude Shaq Video I’ve Been Talking About This Whole Time Directly Below Please:

The Big Man in the Purple Suit wasted no time in roasting Harden – who was probably just at his own house or playing basketball somewhere or something, minding his own business – saying that the former MVP guard lied when he said he gave the city of Houston all he had.

Furthermore, Shaq listed all the things the organization did for Harden to try to give him a championship team, all before breaking down Harden’s history of choking in big moments.

Yeah… that’s a little uncool, Shaq! At least wait until Harden is around so he can tell you where he was coming from!

Meanwhile, Twitter seemed to agree with Shaq’s bullying:

Here Are The Tweets I Just Mentioned A Moment Ago:

Fuck you, Shaq! Fuck all that mean shit! Stick to being in Grown Ups 2, NOT being a bully!

Parents, you may now go wake up your kids if you like, or just enjoy the quiet for a while! Totally your call!