Sixers Twitter Concluded It’s Actually GOOD And Pretty BADASS To Not Get James Harden, One Of The Best Offensive Players Ever

by Tim K

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – If you’ve been worried about your Sixers fan friends since James Harden was traded to the Nets, it turns out you totally shouldn’t be! Sixers Twitter has decided that, actually, having James Harden would’ve been bad, and NOT having James Harden is one of the better situations you could find yourself if you’re a basketball team.

Sure thing, Sixers fans! Sounds like you got it all under control! It’s so awesome that every side ended up happy.

Some A+ Tweets From Sixers Fans Concluding That Not Having James Harden (2019-20 stats: 34.3 PPG, 7.5 AST, .87 FT% on 11.8 FTA, 35% from 3 on 12.4 3PA) Is Actually Kickass:

It all started off with this tweet that incorrectly assumed Sixers fans DID want James Harden, which, as we would learn, they actually did not.

But luckily, plenty of Sixers fans were there to correct the mistake, and insist that actually, Daryl Morey and the rest of the Sixers Front Office did precisely what fans wanted — not trade for James Harden — which, additionally, was the objectively correct move, in terms of what a good acquisition would be for a basketball team.

Neph says the Sixers dodged a bullet! Instead of James Harden, Neph wants Lou Williams. That actually would be way better for Neph, rather than having to have James Harden on the Sixers!

That’s right, Complex. It’s MORE LIKE the smiling animal! Don’t you see?

Now THAT might be the perfect point to end on. Wanting James Harden? Not even close. Because, as Kenneth puts it, the Sixers already have that big dancing fella from the GIF, Joel Embiid, and adding another good player like James Harden to the roster simply would have been a bad thing for Sixers fans who actually do NOT want James Harden to be on the Sixers, the NBA team they hope wins as many games as possible. Sorry, Complex! You fucked up and don’t get it at all, you fucking dipshits over there! Goodbye!